Wedding glasses with applications Love-beige roses

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  • Titlu:  Wedding glasses with applications Love-beige roses" - ON ORDER
  • Descriere:  Wedding glasses Crystal by Bohemia, handmaded. For now, these glasses are made only on order. We can modify the colours, depending the ribbons we found on the market, and also we can modify the drawing. We can personalize them with names, wedding date and/or other messages. For this order, the message we used was "Today, Tomorrow&Always". These glasses can be reproduced on order, but keep in mind there is only a 90% proportion for reproducing them, because they are handmaded. IMPORTANT! These glasses cannot be washed. In case of any accidents you can use a damp cloth to clen them. Then the models won't be affected. The price is for 2 pieces. Execution time: aprox. 10-12 days. The shipping will be free of charge and made by person in Bucharest, or by delivery courier (in a box with foils for avoiding any damage) in other locations - for Romania, the shipping cost by courier is 25 lei.
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